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I was going to order this makeup from a TV info ad,but because I've been burned before by poorly organized companies and not being advised of the fine printed words that allows these companies to scam customers, I decided to read the reviews! Guess what I am not ordering--yep you guessed it--this product!!! Thank each and everyone who've taken the time to tell the rest of us about your experience with Christina Cosmetics company! It seems to me... Read more

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Great product , terrible customer care!!

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I cancelked well before my 30,daysbecause the product was not for me. I spoke to a Savana to return and got an RA#, she never nentioned a 10%,restocking fee, &I had to pay for shipping both ways & they had the nerve to tell me they didnt recieve the brush back, so they chrged ne for that. And they charged me the second payment after i had cancelled. Way to run your business Christina Products i will be sure to let people know Read more

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I ordered from Cristina cosmetic and I still didnt receive my order till now. I checked my card activity and there was no refund as well. I don't know what's going on and I have been trying to call so many times till I left them a voicemail. I need some answers now about what happen to my order and why is there no refund in my account. I don't have 100 words to explain how Im feeling about this kind of service now. I really appreciate if I can... Read more

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I tryed to cancel my order after reading reviews and they said they couldnt cancel for 24 to 48 hrs which made absolutely no sense to me. I feel like they were trying to take out money from my debit card before tge order would be canceled. Im calling again in the morning and if thats the case im going to call my lawyer. This is not how you do business. Im on ssd and on a budget cant aford to have money taken on a regular basis. Read more

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Placed an order to try products. Found out that automatically enrolled you in the "beauty club" for auto ship. I sent the products back and requested a full refund. I was NOT given a full refund. I was charged $22.21 for shipping, handling, and a restocking fee. The package was never opened. This company is a rip off and the products don't live up to the advertised value. Do NOT order this JUNK!!!! Read more

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I almost ordered Perfect Pigment. I'm so glad I read the reviews. I was put in this situation before when I ordered another product. I had to go through my credit card company as fraud. Thank goodness I did that cause they told me after withdrawing my money 3 times. After I cancelled I couldn't get a refund. Thanks to Union Bank doing an investigation and getting my money back. I will wait until it comes in stores or I won't be trying it. ... Read more

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Those people are take $119 unauthorized one my friend account every weeks even you say no,my advice for ya don't use your credit or debit card to order in that websites

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I love the product, but i'm not able to call them to ask for more! Would like to talk to someone!! Read more

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I don't like how this company does business. It took three months to receive my initial order. Now received an email from Cristina Cosmetics saying that they could not make a payment. this payment was not authorized. I sent an email telling them that I would no longer need their services and they are still charging my account.

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